Drilling stumps with a dipperfox stump drill

Designing and maintaining a home is an important part of our overall living environment.

If you’ve ever taken a tree down from your property, you know exactly what kind of soil it can turn into in your eyes.

A stump sitting in the middle of the yard not only spoils the aesthetics of the yard, but can also cause dangerous situations, for example when you are working in the yard. Also, the trunk of a tree left over from felling can prevent new plants from growing.

So it’s also worth getting off the stump. However, you have several options when it comes to stump removal: drill, uproot, mill or burn.

The best way to tidy up a yard is to drill a hole in the stump.

Why choose drilling over other methods?

While there are many ways to get rid of stumps, stump drilling is the most environmentally and resource-efficient.

1. Stump drilling and other yard work with one machine

One of the advantages of drilling is that it requires very little equipment. Today, you can do a lot in the yard with a mini excavator, including drilling stumps.

For example, it is possible to attach various accessories to the mini excavator. To drill stumps, we use Fortalis’ home-grown Dipperfox stump drill, which can remove the stump in just a few minutes. However, many routers and routers take longer.

Once the stumps have been drilled, you can replace the attachment and use the same excavator to prepare the ground, for example, for laying stone. There is no need for any more technique, as is the case with rooting or milling.

2. Safety

Dangerous situations can occur when milling and burning stumps. However, with a low-speed stump drill, there are no flying chunks that can fly towards bystanders or home windows.

The only risk is that you’ll get boring and run out of stumps to drill too quickly.

3. Easier to maintain

The advantage of drilling is even easier maintenance. If you’re drilling a hole in a stump, you’ll also need to fill it with fill to prevent the soil from sinking, whereas you don’t need to do this when drilling a stump.

Smooth the surface with a tyre and that’s it. You can also leave wood chips and sawdust in the soil to increase its nutritional value.


If you want to become the king of stumps and work in your own backyard, you can rent a mini excavator and a Dipperfox stump drill from us. You can make a reservation for this in our self-service.

However, if you would like a professional machine operator to create the best visual result, contact our representative on +372 5555 7700.