Property maintenance service

Seasonal cleaning service

Short and long-term projects – snow removal in winter, property maintenance in summer. You say what you want, we’ll make sure it happens.

Call us, tell us what you want and we’ll find a solution!

Rasketehnika rent


With Fortal, you can get any machine, any time, for any length of time, on a full-service contract. You’ll save on indirect costs, for example you won’t have to think about fleet repairs, maintenance, insurance, tyres and the human resources to manage it all.

With Fortal’s full-service rental, there are no unexpected costs added to the rental price. Maintenance, insurance and inspection are included in the price.

How is a worry-free service born?

24/7 response

Particularly important in SOS cases. You don't have to wait for snowfall or our opening hours.

My place

Snow storage territories across Tallinn-Harjumaa.


We offer the best solution for the customer.

Telephone operator

Always available and cheerfully helpful.


To plan and manage the work, we have our own software, Syda.

Care service

For rental machines, the customer does not have to bother.


They are competent and experienced, have specialised equipment, get the job done right first time, fast.


By the hour, by the week, by the month, with or without a driver.

We plan

Well in advance, agreements before the start of the season.